10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Star Wars

When Star Wars was released in 1977, it changed the face of science fiction forever. It found broad mainstream appeal and developed legions of devoted fans who have worked tirelessly to expand George Lucas’s universe through fan fiction, video games, action figures, and encyclopedias dedicated to exploring the history and significance of the storied film franchise.

Now, with with the imminent release of the seventh chapter in the saga, The Force Awakens, Our Wasted Potential has uncovered some interesting facts about Star Wars that we think our readers will really enjoy.

  1. One of the members of the second unit for the makeup department on the film was Doug Beswick. And before you ask: yes, it’s the Doug Beswick, who received a “Thanks” in the credits of the 1990 film The Willies.
  2. The “Second Unit Assistant Director” was Terry Madden. No, not the football player. I think you’re thinking of John Madden.
  3. The “Wardrobe Supervisor” on the film was Ron Beck. A person being the supervisor of clothes is a funny thing to think about!
  4. The “Assistant Film Editor” was Todd Boekelhide. He later gave up on that to become a film composer, but chin up, Todd: not everyone can be good at editing.
  5. The invaluable “Assistant to Producer” role was handled by none other than Bunny Alsup. What producer? The internet’s not telling, but that’s not good enough: we guess it’s Gary Kurtz, the credited producer of the film! Sound off in the comments.
  6. Casting for the film was done by Diane Crittenden. Later in her career, she’d be credited as Dianne Crittenden. Why the second “n”? Dunno!
  7. The “Assistant Auditor” on the film was Peggy McCarthy. This caused a lot of tension during production, because George Lucas reportedly told several people that they could be Assistant Auditor.
  8. I think “Grandma Tarkin” would have been a better name for Peter Cushing’s character. This is not a fact so much as an opinion, but I don’t think I’m alone. It’s cuter.
  9. John Williams’ brother Don Williams played all the amazing xylophone solos you hear throughout the film. Members of the orchestra at first cried nepotism, but once they heard Don ‘phone, they knew that talent indeed ran in the family.
  10. I’ve seen Star Wars several times.

Kinda changes the way you look at the film, doesn’t it!


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