Our Wasted Potential: What Are We?

Our Wasted Potential is me. Our Wasted Potential is a collection of my writing, my thoughts, my inner dialogue, me, me, me, me. Me. Why is Our Wasted Potential called “Our” Wasted Potential? Because I believe “My” Wasted Potential is also “Your” Wasted Potential. It’s the reason I’m thirty and using a free WordPress blog. It’s probably the reason you are using a free WordPress blog. It’s about the fear of creation, the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of legitimacy, the fear of illegitimacy, the fear of jumping off a cliff and not knowing for certain there’s something at the bottom to break your fall or a parachute on your back (or if there is a parachute, will it open? Did you open it too late?). It’ll mostly just be comedy writing, but keep all that other stuff in mind while you read. Here we go!



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